Utero-A-GoGo No. 2.     Sunday February 7, 2010

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I recently found out that I have to have major surgery on February 18, as you might imagine, it has thrown me for a loop. As a self-employed community event producer (Truth Serum Productions) and full time performance artist I will not have any income during my surgery and recovery afterwards. I am unprepared for the financial strain that 4-6+ weeks of downtime will create. The immediate need for this surgery is a surprise and like many artists I don't have a financial buffer, so I'm taking the difficult step of asking my friends and communities to come together and help me get though this surgery and recovery process.

Sunday February 7, 2010
Utero-A-GoGo No. 2
a concert and cabaret/drag/burlesque show of hysterical proportions!
Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave Allston (at corner of Harvard)
$10 doors at 8pm, show at 9pm 18+
media, click image to the right for high res. download

If you can't make it to this event but want to support Utero-A-GoGo, please use PayPal to donate to uteroagogo(at)gmail.com. If you have questions or want to send a check, send an email to that address and we'll gladly get back to you. Or click the buttons below...

A bunch of friends and organizations are coming together to make this event happen. I'm eternally (and internally) grateful to all of the performers, organizers and MadFemmePride for their skillz and support.

Drag, Burlesque and other oddities with The TraniWreck Crew and friends:
Johnny Blazes
Frieda Fries
Becca D'bus
Madge of Honor
Miss Madison West
Kelsey Jarboe and Adrienne Marie Naylor aka Dykonoclast

Followed by Music by:
The Shondes (from NYC)

Plus, we wouldn't want you to go hungry:
A Bake Sale
Or, without other ways to donate:
An art sale/auction
And, because the bad puns never stop:
A hysterical hiaku contest!
That's right folks, my loss is your moment to shine. Write a haiku or two about the uterus, hysterectomy, or something close in theme and submit it to uteroagogo(at)gmail.com and it will be read on stage at the benefit. The best bad haiku will win an amazing prize! Maybe something from the fine folks of I Heart Guts!

The amazing James Evelock of Collaborated Inc. designed the awesome graphic for me!

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