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The bleaches of Peaches

Hey, Phoenix! How do you take an interview with the most invigoratingly filthy rock star alive, and make it about as exciting as a goose honking to itself? Two easy steps!  

1. Send local drag king/boredom dispenser/self-appointed queer quota-filler Aliza Shapiro to do the QA. (“Hey, they’re both chicks with facial hair! They’ll have so much to talk about!”) She’s like a human Brita, filtering all the flavor out of stuff that by all rights ought to be a raucous, salty, dirty good time.  

2. Don’t edit it. Like, at all. Because proper grammar is for fascists. And every single one of those 8,000,000,000 words will be needed when the Revolution comes.  

That said, the part where Peaches and Heywood briefly dust it up over whether men should be allowed to call each other vaginas is priceless. News flash, Aliza: you two just aren’t on the same team.


Mic said at 02:23 PM, 07/24/2006

Can Aliza say faggotry? Can we ask her?

Lissa said at 02:27 PM, 07/24/2006

Management has detected an unauthorized use of the word “faggotry" on this blog. Offenders posting from within the office will be subject to immediate and forcible Sensitivity Training.

UberJewber said at 02:34 PM, 07/24/2006

That’s the worst interview I’ve ever read. Who’s bright fucking idea was that? It’s like getting an interview with Mick Jagger and spending the whole thing talking about Row v. Wade.

Mic said at 03:05 PM, 07/24/2006

Damn that flow chart! It’s bullet proof! Fucking cock block…

Andre Jennis said at 05:58 PM, 07/24/2006

That girl’s a vagina-dick with man-boobs.

UBERJEWBER said at 05:59 PM, 07/24/2006

Whoops, just realized I misspelled “Roe v. Wade.” I’M SUCH A VAGINA OMG.

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