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Hi Folks,

I went to Paris and my bag got stolen. Gotta love Paris, right? Oy. They got my bike messenger bag which I loved, my iPad, calendar, medical documents for anyone who wanted to know about my skull, medication, my passport, some other stuff. The thing that really hurts is the calendar. I used it as planning everything and then going back and writing about certain things. It hurts that I'm with out 2017.

I then had a blast in Berlin, once again, awesome. And returning to Boston, I had a couple of weeks to try and re-create my life without a calendar (sorry if I've missed your party or concert or our date or doctor's appointment...) and then thrown myself into speech therapy. I've got "classes" in Emerson, BU and MGH-IHP. Woo hoo.

And just a note: I've been thinking about Dr. Sketchy's and I'm kinda thinking that after the new year we're gonna take downtime, re-think it, and reopen in spring. It's not all thought out yet, so I haven't made the decision totally, still thinking about it.

In the meantime we've got some spectacular models, and I hope you'll come.

SEPT 25 Dr. Sketchy's Boston (Somerville) featuring: I C K A R U S

OCT 8 Dr. Sketchy's Boston featuring: Jolie LaVie !

OCT 23 Dr. Sketchy's Boston (Somerville) featuring: Polly Surely!

NOV 12 Dr. Sketchy's Boston featuring: Johnny Blazes !

NOV 27 Dr. Sketchy's Boston (Somerville) featuring: Cheeky DeVine!

DEC 10 Dr. Sketchy's Boston featuring: Fonda Feeling!

Please come! And spread the word!

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TWO Dr. Sketchy's: Anti-Art School A MONTH !!!

2nd Sunday : 2:30-5:30 : Great Scott 1222 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, Massachusetts 02134. Right at the intersection of Harvard Ave and Commonwealth Ave. And the T. 18+; $8 to draw, $10 to hang. All skill levels welcome! (bring paper and pens/marchers/etc)

4th Monday : 7:00-9:00 : ONCE 156 Highland Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143 $8 to draw, $10 to hang. All skill levels welcome! (bring paper and pens/marchers/etc)

Dr. Sketchy's: Anti-Art School is the life drawing session you dreamed of in your deviously creative art school head. Hot models with crazy costumes, sometimes genderbending antics, poses that keep your interest for hours, nice folks around you, drinks, and it's cheap. The models talk and keep you entertained, there's good music, you could win prizes for good and bad art! You don't have to be a good artist, or someone who draws everyday. Dr. Sketchy's is a great place to start back up with your practice, or to try to pick up a new creative outlet.

We start with short poses to get you warmed up and then move on to longer and longer poses, but that's about where the traditional life drawing session stops...

Check out the photos section for images of past Sketchy's Sessions.
And Truth Serum Productions in Facebook
Check out Dr. Sketchy's World Headquarters
Check out the Dr. Sketchy's Tumblr Group Blog where you can upload drawings! HERE!

Monday September 25, 2017: ICKARUS
Sunday October 8, 2017: Jolie LaVie
Monday October 23, 2017: Polly Surely!
Sunday November 12, 2017: Johnny Blazes !
Monday November 27, 2017: Cheeky DeVine!
Sunday December 10, 2017: Fonda Feeling!
Monday December 25, 2017: not this year!

email heyyou @ truthserum . org (but close the spaces) to register for classes, ask questions, or volunteer.